Monday, 1 August 2011

Blood Politics

Derek and Victoria are vampires, they stalk the streets of London gorging on human blood and socialising with their fellow children of the night… and they bloody love it.

I have a love hate relationship with vampire films/media, the mythos is fantastic but over the last several decades they seem to have lost all dignity and integrity…. No longer viable as a piece of real story telling, always falling victim to ‘innovations’ and ‘improvements’ which have themselves become mere clich├ęs.
Every time I watch or read anything about vampires, rather than enjoy the damn thing I am overcome with the burning desire to do something better.

Blood Politics is a project that my brother and I began so we could attempt to remedy the damage done to the vampire as a creature, to give them some dignity back.
Our story is set from the vampires point of view… our protagonists do not spend every sentence lamenting what they have become or worrying about ‘the thirst’.
The meat of the plot is still underdevelopment currently but we hope to create something that is both entertaining and redeeming to vampire fans and people enjoy fantastical story telling with more than an inch of depth.

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