Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Long Dark Hole

A simple piece here, just experimenting with light and
perspective, all in preparation for reworking my portfolio.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Elfen Sketches

As I’ve already mentioned before on this blog I’m a very fond of fey creatures and they often worm their way into my various projects, these sketches however are from the fantasy epic that my brother and I have been collaborating on for the last several years without pause.
It's our baby and the fey feature very prominently in the project, it is in fact the wellspring from which they escape and intrude on my other works.
This page is mostly about one of our main characters, the ranger Dorya.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Oui? Joan of Arc

The Story of Joan of Arc is a wonderful but tragic saga in Europe’s rich history, it was the first time we English came into our own as the villains we apparently are so good at playing.

But that’s not what interests me.

She, like other female leaders in history such as Boudica fascinate me to no end, Joan more so perhaps because of the incredible sexism that existed within Europe in her time.

She was a symbol of hope for the French when the war was going badly and their kingdom was in desperation, but she was not wholly appreciated by her country men who shunned her and did little to help her when she was finally caught by the English who appreciated her even less.

The tragedy is not just that she was burned alive, but was executed under the pretences of heresy against a faith that she so fervently believed she actually thought that her god was speaking to her, and that very church however slyly used her own faith to destroy her. It was a cruel and tragic death that used the scruples of theology to deny this incredible young woman the remainder of her life.

It disgusts me to think that even today in some parts of the world people are still killed because of theological injustice. It’s totally unnecessary, the faith groups of Europe managed to move on, so can the rest of the world.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Grimhole designs

Some more recent character designs from the Grimhole project, the story of a surreal wartorn world.
A tale of survival and hopelessness in an endless rapture and the struggle to hold on to humanity. 

Since the start of this project in 2008 I have attmepted to create a jaunty surreal 'human' figure and overall style within Grimhole to contrast with the dark and very brutal nature of the story.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Back in Business

Rather Grim Blog is back in business now that I have aquired new scanning equipment.
A little piece to show my excitment. Little more than an excuse to spatter red inks everywhere I'm afaird...