Sunday, 12 August 2012

Jack Night

Jack Night, the mysterious and murderous being that haunts our ill fortuned protagonist’s.
Although the project is still in early development I hope to have the first book complete by the end of this year.

“Do you know Arthur, I am utterly overcome with the curios sensation that we are being watched…”

Thursday, 9 August 2012

10 Years of Jargon

Set in a ‘contemporary’ Britain, Jargon is a satire on modern life and the various eccentricities of the British character. The plot revolves primarily around two unlikely couples living in a crumbling old Victorian apartment building owned by a malicious and goblin-like landlord.
Though Ed, Kate, Reg and Mary are the protagonists, there are many story arch’s told from the perspectives of the supporting characters who are parodies of different aspects of life in this sometimes green and pleasant land.

Most of the comic is illustrated by my brother
Jacob who is a freelance animator and cartoonist.
We generally collaborate on all the writing though.

 Wow... It's been 10 years since my brother and I started development on the 'Jargon' project. It’s one of many little worlds that I’ve been working on with him over the last 15 years. We’ve yet to truly launch it because we’ve been constantly developing and updating it.

 But now I think after ten years we’re confident enough with not only our drawing ability but also our writing that we’re going to be launching it in the coming years.

Retrospective time!

The oldest surviving drawing I could find dates back to 2003

From 2002 to 2005 during the turbulence and tedium of secondary school we developed the initial cast of characters for the Jargon web-comic, for location’s we sourced from our local area and for character inspiration we used people we knew as well as ret-conning older characters from our childhood comics.

Here’s an example of the appallingly amateur stuff we where churning out from 05 right up to 07 in between our college work. 

 I’m happy to say it's come a long way from its pencil-crayon-colored-Biro-drawing's-on-bits-of-a4-printing-paper origins.

We’ve been developing the world, the characters, our art work and the writing since we wrapped up the old comic in 07.

By 2009 the cast of characters was enormous.

While the central character’s haven’t changed much some of the supporting characters have had more drastic makeovers.

You can chart the development of the characters and the art style over the last several years, I think we’ve really come a long way.

To get back into the web comic swing of things we've started doing short little comics called 'Jargon Bites' to get the ball rolling before we start the longer more story driven arch’s.

 In the near future we hope to have a dedicated website for the comic.

When they start being uploaded we hope you laugh as much reading them as we did writing them.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New Project

The Appalling adventures of
Arthur Doomcroft & Lydia Dreddberry 

Murder mystery horror farce.

A grim picture book following the disgusting adventures of two armature investigators in pseudo 19th century London.
Recovering Gin sot Lyida Dreddberry and social recluse Arthur Doomcroft attempt to taken on the cities dark underbelly in a world without professional polices service.

Work in progress.